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Agoraphobia Treatment 

with Dr. Paula Levine

If you are suffering from agoraphobia,

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My Testimonials

When I came to Dr. Levine, I had basically given up on the idea that therapists could help me or saw anything other than my mental state. Paula changed that notion for me within the first fifteen minutes of our first session. She was prepared, took extensive notes prior to our sessions, and had a keen eye on what was filler and what was foder. She took an interest in what I did with my life, she took the time to get to know me, which made her assessments much more in-depth and genuine. Never once did I feel like I was not getting her undivided attention. Her many years of experience, combined with her knack for creating a real bond, is what made me trust her to talk about my issues. She truly cared about how I was doing, beyond the scheduled sessions. She would: email me, give me a call, and made sure I was being the person I wanted therapy to turn me into. As much as she is a therapist, she is also a person who is dedicated to her ability to see a person's potential when they cannot. Her breadth of knowledge is comforting for those who are seeking answers to improve. Truly, this is a woman with a much needed gift.




"As someone who has suffered tremendously at the hands of panic and anxiety, I am elated to say that I have once again found peace and joy in my life. My breakthrough came from a combination of treatments, but none was more valuable than the skills I learned from Dr. Paula Levine.  More than anything, Dr. Levine taught me perspective. With wisdom and compassion she was able to see me through the darkest time of my life. I am forever indebted to her. If ever again I find myself in emotional turmoil, she will be the first person I call. She has forever earned my trust, respect, and gratitude."   

Gerald, age 26, recovered from generalized anxiety and panic disorder, graduated law school, now applying to medical school

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