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Eating Disorder Treatment

Because body dissatisfaction and dieting are cultural norms today, particularly amongst women, and because the media continues to harass women who are not conforming to the cultural norms of thinness, I treat eating disorders from a bio-psycho-social perspective. 

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3 Heritable Factors:







Thinness-crazed society

The Genetics of Eating Disorders

If there is a history of substance abuse in one generation, it increases the likelihood that someone in the next generation might develop an eating disorder, instead of or in addition to a problem with substance abuse.


While not all obese people suffer from Binge Eating Disorder, at least one third do, and constant, uncontrollable binging without purging, the major difference between bulimia and Binge Eating Disorder, inevitably leads to obesity.


When an anorexic spends all her time relentlessly pursuing thinness, or a bulimic is binging and purging 5-10 times a day, she is distracted from her depression because she has ‘found a higher calling’.

Team of Professionals

 Eating disorders are difficult and challenging to treat and they require a multi-pronged approach by a team of knowledgeable and dedicated professionals often including nutritionists, psychiatrists and physicians.


More About Eating Disorders

Other, helpful resources

Professional Resources

My Literary Contributions

Academy for Eating Disorders (AED) 

703-234-4079 (I am a founding member)

Eating Recovery Center (ERC), 877-711-1690

Monte Nido & Affiliates, 888-826-2320

National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA)

800-931-2237 (I am a founding member, former board member, board president (1992-93)

The Alliance for Eating Disorders Awareness, 866-662-1235

The Renfrew Center Foundation, 1-800-RENFREW (former consultant, contributor to Perspective, a professional journal of The Renfrew Center Foundation, and frequent presenter at Renfrew conferences)

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Diet-Crazed Kids

Women and Eating Disorders: Loss, Disconnection and Spirituality

Children's Self-Image

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