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“I can confidently say that I would not be the person I am today without the support and guidance of Dr. Paula Levine. Dr. Levine helped me learn to appreciate myself and she consistently reassured me that I was strong enough to overcome the various obstacles I have encountered throughout my life. Her knowledge and experience, specifically with eating disorders, allowed her to best understand the anxiety I was faced with. I was able to trust that she understood me when I felt that no one else could. Although I no longer see Dr. Levine regularly, after knowing her for 14 years, I know that she is and always will be there for me as a therapist, mentor, and friend. I cannot imagine my life without her.” 

Glenda, age 24, recovered from anorexia, currently attending graduate school

“Dr. Levine is not just any therapist, she is my comfort zone. She goes out of her way to make me truly feel that it’s ok to feel or be different from others. I can’t say that I am the easiest person in the world to understand, but she does. I have a very hard time talking about things, but Dr. Levine always finds different ways to make it easier for me, like having our sessions outdoors or walking while we’re talking. I know I have a ways to go, but at least knowing Paula is next to me I won’t be alone and it’s not so scary anymore.” 

Selma, age 44, recovering from years of sexual abuse and loss, married, working full-time, and raising a son

“I hope that you remember me though it has been 20 years. I was a student at U of M and went to you for assistance during my college years. I want to thank you for all that you have done for me in the past. I have thought about you many times and I have tried to compose this letter on a number of occasions. I think you would be happy to know that I am happily married to a great man and we have 3 kids. As a probation officer I am halfway to retirement with 15 years of service behind me. Please know that you saved me and I cannot thank you enough for that.” 

Irene, age 42, unsolicited letter, recovered from bulimia and depression

“During college, I was in denial about my eating disorder; however, Paula Levine helped me change my life. From the moment I stepped into her office, I felt a sense of comfort and peace. I was impressed by her demeanor, calm, cool, and collected. As soon as I admitted I had a problem, I began to open up and share my thoughts and feelings. Paula encouraged me to trust people, have confidence in myself, and use my voice. She challenged my thinking, helped me alleviate fears and anxiety, and taught me valuable skills and coping techniques.

After successful therapy, Paula became my life coach. She now guides me in making important decisions in my life. She has so much wisdom and what sets her apart from other therapists is her compassion, her integrity and respect for her patients, and her humor. I am now living life to the fullest, laughing out loud, and loving my life. I am healthy and I owe it all to her!”

Alison, age 38, recovered from severe anorexia, married, 3 children, and volunteering at a residential treatment center for eating disorders

“I have no words to express the gratitude I feel for your having come to Bolivia to give us a hand with our center. Your knowledge is unsurpassed, your teaching style is refreshing, your friendship is invaluable, your career is an inspiration…I could go on forever. Over the last few years of my life I have pondered how it was that I came upon your doorstep. To me, in many ways, you were a savior, not because you saved me but because you helped me save me…this is my poem to you:



I once knew an angel so alive so alive,
That her words caused me towards the heights to strive,
I once knew an angel so tough so tough, 
That she would not let me slouch when times were rough,
I once knew an angel whose vision reached so far so far,
That she told me I could live my life above the bar,
She is so very special, and not run of the mill,
How blessed I am to have her, she’s made my dreams reach their fill."

Sylvia, age 30, unsolicited poem, recovered from anorexia and OCD, married, one child, managed and then sold the treatment center in Bolivia that we started together

"As someone who has suffered tremendously at the hands of panic and anxiety, I am elated to say that I have once again found peace and joy in my life. My breakthrough came from a combination of treatments, but none was more valuable than the skills I learned from Dr. Paula Levine.  More than anything, Dr. Levine taught me perspective. With wisdom and compassion she was able to see me through the darkest time of my life. I am forever indebted to her. If ever again I find myself in emotional turmoil, she will be the first person I call. She has forever earned my trust, respect, and gratitude."   

Gerald, age 26, recovered from generalized anxiety and panic disorder, graduated law school, now applying to medical school

Daughter & Mother

"From a young college student struggling with an eating disorder to navigating a divorce, for the past 20 years Dr. Levine has gotten me through many of life’s challenges and milestones and for that I am forever grateful for her. She is always there to help me see things through a different lens  help put things into perspective and provide guidance for whatever situation I find myself in. She is caring, compassionate, comforting and I truly don’t know where I would be without her.”

I think about you often and hope you’re doing great. 


Sending you much love, 

Rochelle xx

Dr. Paula Levine treated my daughter with compassion, kindness and a deep concern for her well being.Dr. Levine knows how to get to the root of the problem without wasting any time with a sensitive, yet no-nonsense approach.My daughter was compliant because of Paula's genuine concern for her success. My daughter is now a successful business woman who is happy, healthy and raising a wonderful child. Paula sets the bar for excellence.Thank you, Paula, from the bottoms of our hearts.

Lorraine, Rochelle's Mother

Dr. Levine is someone that I greatly respect and value.  Not only as a person for her passion to help others but her dedication to the awareness and work on Eating Disorders in the Miami area.  When I first started in this industry (5 years ago) she was a member of the Behavioral Health Community that I knew I had to get to know and absorb as much knowledge as possible.  She is a pioneer, a sharp and "hands on deck" therapist.  She will go above and beyond for each of her clients.  I am honored to call her a colleague and a mentor.  Thank you Paula for making time for a "Rookie" like me.  Still learning the ropes to be a vessel on this earth in helping families and individuals get the help that they need.


thank you so much, Paula. i wouldn't be here without you, truly - thank you for helping me understand how important it is to talk and build community, to understand grief and lean in to it. 


lots of love and happy thanksgiving <3


When I came to Dr. Levine, I had basically given up on the idea that therapists could help me or saw anything other than my mental state. Paula changed that notion for me within the first fifteen minutes of our first session. She was prepared, took extensive notes prior to our sessions, and had a keen eye on what was filler and what was foder. She took an interest in what I did with my life, she took the time to get to know me, which made her assessments much more in-depth and genuine. Never once did I feel like I was not getting her undivided attention. Her many years of experience, combined with her knack for creating a real bond, is what made me trust her to talk about my issues. She truly cared about how I was doing, beyond the scheduled sessions. She would: email me, give me a call, and made sure I was being the person I wanted therapy to turn me into. As much as she is a therapist, she is also a person who is dedicated to her ability to see a person's potential when they cannot. Her breadth of knowledge is comforting for those who are seeking answers to improve. Truly, this is a woman with a much needed gift.




At age 21 and a soloist with the Miami Ballet Company, my career quickly became threatened by a pattern of severe food restriction and constant focus on weight and shape. Paula Levine came into my life with a sensitivity and understanding that completely took me off guard and allowed me to feel safe, understood and supported. Now over twenty years later, I still remember as if it were yesterday sending Paula food logs with my daily food intake; she’d take the time to write notes of encouragement between our sessions. I can still picture her messages in my logs, letting me know that eating was ok, in fact wholly necessary...and that my amounts were not “too much.” Actually, she brought attention to my nutritional imbalance and inadequacy. I finally had permission to eat... and from a trusted source. Paula helped me focus in on what was important to me: my health, my emotional well-being and the wide world outside the insular world of ballet.

Paula was like a mother to me while I was living on my own, far from family, and devoting myself to my career. To this day, we’re in touch.  Long recovered, I was inspired by Paula to pursue a career in eating disorder treatment myself.... and I channel Paula every day.


In September 2016 my husband of nearly 40 years passed away.  I was having a very difficult time adjusting and began to inquire about counseling.  Fortunately I was referred to Dr. Paula Levine by a long time,very good friend of mine and in January 2018 I had my first appointment.  I have continued to meet with her since then.  She has been a blessing and I consider her my friend.  Dr. Levine is very easy to talk to and I felt very comfortable from the very beginning.  I cannot thank her enough for her direction and counseling, I have come a long way and even surprised myself since I was not a big advocate of seeking counseling.  


Again thanks to Dr. Levine I feel so much better, not only mentally but physically, even though I must say, there are days thinking back, I thought no one could help me.  I will not hesitate to refer anyone to her and I'm happy knowing that she will always be there for me. 


With Much Appreciation and Love 

Mary Massa

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