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Relationship Counseling

in Miami

There is no question that the top reason for an individual seeking therapy today is “relationship counseling.” There are more callers of every age who are looking for a therapist to help them “get along better” with their partners, parents, children, boyfriends, roommates, girlfriends, stepchildren, siblings, in-laws, ex-husbands, ex-wives, co-workers etc., than anything else.

Family Case Studies

Mother - Daughter:

  • Mother chooses 2nd husband over grandchildren

  • 2nd husband dies

  • Grandmother wants time with grandchildren

  • Daughter is reluctant, feels betrayed

Family - Son:

  • Son recovers from drug addiction

  • Family of attorneys want him to pursue law degree

  • Son prefers interior design

  • Son wants support from family

Couples Case Studies

Rekindling Marriage:

  • 32 y/o woman with 2 children and 7 years of marriage

  • Now unhappy as stay-at-home mom

  • Husband has gained 60 lbs since marriage

  • No longer enjoying sex with husband

Broken Heart:

  • 31 y/o physician with former eating disorder

  • Boyfriend broke up with her claiming she is "too difficult"

  • She is convinced no one can take his place

  • She begins questioning her viability 


What matters is that each party in therapy feels safe, validated, heard and respected, and that the outcome reflects the wishes of both sides as much as is humanly possible. There are no perfect solutions, and unfortunately, it may seem that when one party wins, the other loses.


Not everyone gets what she or he ultimately wants and when the decision to separate occurs during the course of or as a result of couples therapy, it is painful for all of us, including me. Acceptance of a new reality and a new future then becomes part of the ongoing work, which I will continue to do if one partner wishes to remain in therapy.

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